ASE Certified Technician

A Phoenix native, Ian has been a technician in the automotive industry for over 22 years. Ian’s dad owned an auto repair shop when he was growing up and Ian worked there for many of his formidable years. You could say that fixing cars is in his blood!

Ian is a graduate of the Ford Asset automotive technician program at Glendale Community College. After graduation Ian worked for a local Ford dealership before going to work for a local independent repair shop. Ian has certifications from Ford as well as ASE.

Ian’s first car was a 1973 Ford Galaxy 500. He currently drives a 1989 Oldsmobile Delta ’88 that had super low miles on it and he got for a screaming deal. When Ian is not at work he likes to play heavy metal music in a band with his friends. Ian plays the guitar, drums and bass. He also enjoys hanging out with his family.